B: smoothie: spinach, water, msm, sun is shining, mango, 1/2 banana, mesquite cacao, and blueberries (aubbie- i made this before our chat!)

40 minutes jumping and dancing to neil diamond with eliot- seriously hilarious!!

L: 2 apples and i thought i'd eat some greens but i was craving the vegan boca pattie i spotted in the freezer. i heated that up with broccoli and peas

ran 4 miles

s: banana, quarter size handful of cacao nibs and small handful of goji berries

went to the park for an hour workout- loads of stairs!!

D: kalga cafe- coconut and mango smoothie and wakame salad. i also had a few bites of andy's green curry.

d: i stopped by the vegan bakery for a treat. i had told myself two days ago that after my tattoo appointment i'd get something sweet but all i wanted to do was go home after my inking! so tonight i brought home a piece of cake. i didn't eat it all- so sorry sweetpea but it wasn't that good.

my legs are going to be sore tomorrow!!

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