3 mile run, weights

B: smoothie: msm, chia seeds, almost 2 cups water, 2 grapefruits, one banana, and mango. i dumped some vanilla in here too and it was heavenly!

L: leftovers from blossoming lotus- 1/2 collard wrap, thai red bell pepper and mango soup, 2 flax crackers

d: one piece of live fudge

s: 1/2 a beautiful ripe papaya with fresh squeezed lime. wow! the nice produce man at new seasons cut open a papaya for me and a fresh lime, gave me a slice to eat there and the rest to buy and bring home!

d: one piece of live fudge

went for a walk with andy and eliot to our local wild oats grocery store that recently switched over to become whole foods. i am consistently disappointed in whole foods selection of organic produce and nuts and seeds. new seasons markets and our local co-ops rock their socks off. take that whole foods, time to step it up!

eliot loves to pick up rocks and gets so excited when he finds them and always says things like, "i win!"

D: zucchini "pasta" and 2 flax crackers

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