banana with cacao nibs and goji berries

8 mile run, some upper body resistance work, stretch

B: smoothie: water, msm, mesquite, cacao, loads of spinach, dates and a banana. i was feeling very decadent this morning so i indulged. it really doesn't fit it with my new stupid simple program- that's k.i.s.s., keep it simple stupid! hehe. today is judt going to be an indulgent day!

L: late lunch at the bye and bye vegan bar on alberta. great place.

D: wasn't too hungry after the bar so i ate 2 peaches

went to see my cousin chris in vancouver and pick up my grandma's chair. there was a drawing for this chair because so many people wanted it. i've sat in this chair, beside my grandma my whole life and bringing it home it suddenly hit me as i was driving and spotted it in my rear view mirror. i choked back a few tears as i drove with andy and eliot over the bridge back to oregon.

andy brought the chair in and while he and eliot were upstairs i picked it up and put it in it's new spot in the living room. i stared for a moment. for some reason my aunt also brought me a blanket that looks like it was made to match the chair. that's when the smell of my grandma's house filled me. i buried my nose into the back cushion of the chair and breathed deeply, the smell of church, memories, time and grandma mchatton's house. i started to cry and sat down in the chair, cross-legged just as i had the last afternoon i spent with her in her house.

it's hard to explain but i always knew it would be my chair one day, and i never wanted to think what it would mean when i did have this beautiful chair. everyone enjoyed, loved, sat, cried, laughed and had memories wrapped up in this flowery chair. it's a lovely and adored piece of history, with the fabric starting to snag and tear on the top. i feel to lucky to have it.

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