i'm back and refreshed, lovelies!

B: smoothie: coconut water, mango and blueberries. the rest of a almost all raw chocolate torte from blossoming lotus.

3 mile run, weights and trampoline jumping

s: live fudge, water

L: coconut water, cherries, strawberries, mango, hulled hemp seeds, raw raspberry honey, mesquite and cacao.

i wanted to highlight just a few of my favorite websites today. i've probably mentioned them before but here i go again in one swoop:

http://www.tonyakay.com/ – raw vegan performer

http://crazysexycancer.blogspot.com/ – kris carr's site. she's endlessly lovely to me. i learn so much from her and i adore her writing style.

http://rawtoddleralex.blogspot.com/ – if i could follow this toddler's diet i would rock so hard!

http://rawmom.com/blog/ – again, well written blog that is full of positive women

these four sites are ones i truly learn from and love each time i read. they get me thinking, motivated, and going!

D: juliano!! dinner was fantastic! six courses of raw perfection. i love gourmet raw food, i mean sally albright in when harry met sally, love it. true for real orgasm love. dig it. he says he's going to come every three months to portland and put this little party on. so, if you're in the area look it up! i should have grabbed a menu but here it goes from memory: a fancy elixir drink with bee pollen and honey, yes i'm one of those vegans who eats honey. second, a perfect salad with spicy creamy no nuts and no seeds dressing- how did they do this? seaweed soup with avocado, and then a plate with three yummies- a zucchini creamy pasta,  greek nachos, and a dehydrated vegetable rich flavored little dish. dessert was a creamy strawberry mousse with beepollen and manna on the top. there were edible flowers and free flowing water. juliano's lecture was short and entertaining. he said when anyone asks him a question he always has the same answer: raw food and yoga. i concur.


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