B: more of juliano's elixir from last night

s: scoop of raw honey and a couple bites of lydia's berry good cereal

L: salad and zucchini pasta, also from last night

s: a few not raw tiny cookies- oatmeal and chocolate chip. i think they're called laura's junk food

5 mile run, weights, abs

D: smoothie: coconut water, one banana, hemp seeds, one very large cucumber, 2 handfuls of spinach and honey with a smart dog and chips and mango papaya salsa

i need to discuss trader joe's. so, here it is: my skin crawls at the thought of this place. i went there today with eliot and explained to my little boy why i was so frustrated with this store! it is a nightmare of packaging in the produce section. things that don't need plastic boxes, cases, cardboard, and bags consume the area. it overflows with potential trash. the packaging they use is not even reusable. pathetic. makes me crazy- obviously. everyone always raves about trader joe's. i stopped going while living in santa monica because the parking lot was a tiny nightmare. sometimes i'd run in for their mango salsa, which i still love. and when i was pregnant and right after i gave birth i was addicted to the frozen french toast. i need to just beg this worthwhile company to quit it with the produce packaging. for now i won't be going back.

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