B: water and a peach. i then made loads of almond mylk for shakes and cereal. i drank a bit of strawberry shake and gave some to andy too. i finally sat down for a bowl of lydia's berry good cereal with blueberries and caught up on my computer.

eliot and i went to target where he played with a race track, because it had fire on it! so exciting. and a baby doll- baby alive sip and snooze. he named her 'noopa'. he fed her, cuddled and burped her. pick me up off the floor this was so precious.  i told him he could put her on his birthday list.

L: 2 smart dogs, chips and mango papaya salsa and strawberry shake. i've gotta get those smart dogs out of my house! i think i'm over the craving now.

last week we spent 4 beautiful days in the arizona sun. day one: we saw my high school friend and her cutie daughter. went to mandala tea room- a raw and vegan restaurant in scottsdale. day 2: massages for my sis-in-law and me! day 3: relax with the fam. day 4: my niece's confirmation and first communion, pizza lunch, gelato dessert and played at the park before heading to the airport.

my brother and his wife have such a wonderful and welcoming home. with unbelievably awesome kids. they have five sweet, kind, fun, open, smart yummy gorgeous people they've made. i could go on and on. i'm currently overly smitten and missing my nephew who is 7 weeks younger then eliot. that little one glows with charisma!

s: scoop of honey and  handful of goji berries

one hour workout in the park

s: water and 4 tiny junk food cookies

D: green smoothie: coconut water, water, spinach, red apple, honey, chia  seeds, one large cucumber and one squeezed lemon with bee pollen sprinkled on top.

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