10 minutes on the rebounder

B: water, 2 small bowls of lydia's raw cereal with a banana and blueberries

s: e3 live and water

L: 32 ounces of green smoothie: lemon, water, celery, a huge cucumber, and about 5 handfuls of spinach. and a smart dog!

went for a walk with eliot, it's nearly 90 today. so lovely. we found a stick and he started pointing it everywhere and doing "magic". he has such a good eye, he sees coins on the ground from a mile away and he gets so excited. hmmm, reminds me of someone. andy?

we came home and eliot played outside with chalk and jumped through a hopscotch that andy had made. when he came inside he helped me make up a raw ratatouille from goneraw.com. and then i made a chocolate shake to swoon over. it tasted just like juliano's. i usually order two of them when i visit his restaurant in santa monica, one at the beginning of my meal and one to take out the door. so here's what i did:

s: chocolate shake: almond mylk i made yesterday (with almonds, water, a couple dates and a banana), 4 scoops cacao, 1/2 small scoop of cacao nibs, one scoop mesquite, vanilla, pinch of salt, a banana, and 4 ice cubes. blended away! on top i sprinkled more cacao nibs, goji berries, and bee pollen. this was incredibly right and so yummy!

yesterday as i left for my exercise class in the park, eliot said to me, "be safe mommy and watch out for skeletons." hehe.

D: indian thali dinner. and 2 chocolate chip cookies. i just could endlessly eat today!

the heat here is different then in california and i'll tell you how. it's the smell of all these flowers and trees baking in the sun. then there's the lighting. it's light here until after nine. the energy is all too familiar. all my memories of childhood and being a teenager here come flooding back to me. i can feel them as real as they were when i first experienced them.

 the three of us, my little family, we played at a school yard park across the street from andy's sister's house tonight. painted on the concrete in multicolors is a map of america. i walked from new york and headed west, staring at california, long and lean on the west coast. my eyes drifted up to oregon and washington. i never thought i'd be back this way again. it's so strange and in my blood this emotional connection here and in california. california is my adopted home and i long for her sun, her warmth, her salty air and i wonder if our lives will ever take us back to live there.

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