yesterday is blurry now, silly me i didn't take notes.

3 mile run, weights, rebounding, jump rope, abs and yoga

B: e3 live, water. smoothie: water, spinach, cacao, mesquite, blueberries and cherries

s: no knead bread- not raw

L: raw ratatouille from gone raw. this was great. i'd probably cut the eggplant into even smaller pieces, add the purple onion, and put even more fresh herbs on just before eating it.

D: lucca, a local restaurant. it was about 95ish yesterday and i was grumpy! we walked and that was great, then we had great service and great food!! i ate too much bread, had a marionberry cosmo cocktail, artichokes that they happily made vegan for me- oh my perfection- and a wonderful fresh salad with butter lettuce and arugula. highly recommended. my in-laws would love this place, i can walk so i can have a drink, vegan friendly, they serve mio gelato- hubby likes (but a bit too cold, you've got to be careful not to over freeze gelato)~ all in all a place we'll go again.

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