B: e3 live and water. lydia's raw cereal with walnut milk and blueberries

L: i made a lovely recipe from goneraw, again! it's "thai salad with 'peanut' sauce" on the site. i changed the recipe slightly and made a lot less and still had leftovers. i made the peanut sauce with jungle peanut butter instead of almond butter and i poured it over bok choy, carrots, red pepper, zucchini and a cucumber. it ended up being much simpler and although very good i would like it to be spicier. also, when i make food for myself i don't cut the vegies little and sweet, i just do big lazy chunks. i've got to mix that up a little! ha

s: chocolate pudding- chia seeds, cacao powder, and raw honey

D: out for vegan pizza and a big beautiful salad.

d: chocolate chip cookie for dessert

my child was kissing me all over my face today and i said, "are you the kissing monster?" and he looked kind of sad for half a second then says, "no, i'm not the kissing monster," and continues with a gooey lovey smile, "i love you mommy, i'm just in love with you." if this is what is next on the parenting roller coaster, it's going to be a very sweet and fun ride. eliot will be 4 years old in three weeks. expect a mushy mommy love blog on june 9…

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