the other day eliot is laughing and i ask, "what's so funny?" he says, "dolphin love, get it, get it??" and last night he does it again with some butterfly joke, laughing away.

3 mile run, weights, lunges, side stepping squats, rebounding, abs, yoga

b: e 3 live and water, smoothie: coconut water, 2 bananas, blueberries, hemp seeds, small handful of goji and cacao nibs. it's like i must grab them when i see them in the fridge.

woke up this morning to the rain after about 4 days of heat. our house was still nearly 80 degrees, inside our house!!

l: thai salad from yesterday

s: raw green indian mango lassi- frozen mango, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and spinach

s: papaya with squeezed lime

d: i made "better than alfredo sauce" from goneraw. wow. i stuffed a bite in my hubby's mouth before he could protest and he couldn't believe it either. the texture and flavor were perfect. it's a combo of macadamia nuts, pine nuts and more. i poured it over zucchini pasta, carrot shavings, peas and red bell pepper. so rich, i'll be having more tomorrow for lunch and dinner!

dessert- a little scoop of raw honey- my favorite.

***big news:  oprah is going to eat a vegan diet for 2 weeks! beauty! *******************************************

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