Meditating and reading challenge is going very well, day 5 already! This is a lovely way to start off a very sweet soggy June in the pacific northwest. Thank goodness we have so much to be happy for in our lives cause this weather sucks.

I finished Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. I wanted to cry so much as I read this book but I found myself brave and strong for these powerful women, their families, their partners, their stories. My tears did fall but most of the time I sat with that beautiful book in reverence. Highly recommended to those who know someone who has had cancer, does have cancer, and those who do and those who are survivors. Kris Carr taught me a lot and the individual stories are real and bold.

Now I'm reading Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe, which happens to be a recommended selection in the back of  Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. I like David Wolfe sort of how I like watermelon. There are moments I love watermelon, and I'm totally ready for the yummy goodness of how smart it is to eat watermelon and other times, not in the mood for melon. David Wolfe is intense and full of information, charm, charisma, and sell sell sell! That's how I see him, he's got a big watermelon stand. But, I'm still trying to figure out if this is the best place to buy the melon. Alright, enough of the melon… Wolfe gives loads of knowledge and how and why certain foods and their minerals are good for you and I could take endless notes! Very exciting for someone like me with red skin, pimples and rosacea. I know, I know, lucky me- are you jealous? But, while reading this book I've been eating a cucumber every day, increasing my greens, and papaya, and lessening my high fruit diet and my face, just after a few days, i can see improvements. Yeah! Lucky me! Whether this is hormones are diet- we shall see…But I can safely say I no longer subscribe to the whole products for your face scams. I think it's all about what you put in your mouth and poop out your booty! Your skin is a reflection of yummy food and elimination! Hmmmmm, what are you eating today?

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