Eliot's current favorites:
*Rockem Sockem Robots game
*broccoli with butter
*his new bed
*the color red
*he even picked out red sheets for his bed- over super hero ones! I said, "our kid's a pimp."
*blowing out birthday candles
*Kung Fu Panda
*Max and Ruby
*Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
*Lego building
*Eliot asks to go the beach almost every other day
*cupcake frosting, then he hands the bottom to me
*My Gym class
*Any kind of race. He wants to race up the stairs, race while we eat, race to the corner…
*Playing with his cousins
*his new shark from Ikea
*Last year for his birthday his uncle Steve and aunt Marlena bought him a gigantic bear like stuffed animal. He's sort of like a big ball and when you push his center he makes a loud farting noise. Eliot loves him, sleeps with him and calls him Shoopa the bear.
*Eliot got a baby doll from my mom for his birthday and she's been going everywhere with us. Her name is Noola.

I'm endlessly in love with Eliot. Andy and I both are. This morning he got into bed with us, placed a hand on each of our cheeks and gently drew us all in together for a big hug. He's so lovely with such a big big heart and matching smile.

Eliot loves slapstick comedy, like me and video games, like Andy. He's very compassionate like Andy and loses his patience like me. Eliot loves red, has reddish hair, and pale skin like me. He also is quick, funny, and smart like Andy. I still marvel at the sight of our son. When I look into his eyes I see my own. I know his heart better then anyone and I'm so lucky lucky lucky to be his mommy.

I told him the other day how I had a dream that an angel handed him to me before I even found out I was pregnant. "Where did she come from?" he asked. I paused and then answered, "my heart."

Happy fourth Birthday Eliot!

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