I love clothes and shoes. And I adore Fluevogs and here's my issue. I'm vegan and I believe I shouldn't be galavanting around town in an animal's skin. And I'm pretty sure almost every cute shoe on the planet is made out of leather. Why oh why?

And by the way, my car has leather interior and I still wear all of the leather shoes I bought before I decided I just couldn't purchase them any longer.

However, I just bought two pairs of shoes tonight from zappos.com. I bought a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs plastic red glittery sandals and a pair of Nine West sandals, both sans leather. Then I head over to Fluevog and the designs are gorgeous and I'm left feeling left out and discouraged. So, I'll look at the bright side: with less ethical options at the moment I spend less. Zappos is fantastic, by the way. With their free shipping and free returns.

xoxo Big love to cruelty free fashion.   

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