My husband is in New York right now on business and Eliot and I are home alone. So, at night I have a little trouble sleeping. My trick is to stay up late and watch Sex and the City episodes until I can no longer see. Generally, it works.

But last night I went to lie down and my eyes popped open, I tossed and turned. Then Eliot made some really strange breathing noises and I jumped up to check on him. Well, of course he spotted me and asked me to snuggle with him, I climbed right in hoping to just fall asleep. Nope. I was up again in awhile, sneaking back to my own bed around two in the morning. And just as I was almost asleep I saw a flash of light from my bedroom window that made my eyes pop open again. After a few of these quiet bright flashes I was up again peering out the window, counting the lightening as it got closer.

All of our windows upstairs are open because of the summer heat and as the storm increased with loud thunder and even more lightening I just kept my eyes closed hoping to sleep through it. By three it was pouring so hard and so noisy that I woke up dreaming I was sleeping outside in the rain but it was magically not touching me. It was so intense and surreal, nothing but the sound of rain. Really really loud waterfall rain. But, sadly even with that beautiful storm to lull me to sleep, I still didn't sleep enough.

Husband will be home today and he's promised me treats from Pure Food and Wine's takeout. And I plan on getting some sleep and some good running in in the days ahead.

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