Eliot's new favorite thing to say to me when he sees a bird: "Look at that one Mommy, did you see it? What's it called? I think it's called (insert whatever color and or markings the bird has here). I'm going to take a picture and put it in my science book."

I didn't know he knew what a science book was.

He also says, "start at the end" when he means the beginning.

Eliot sings a song we call "I Win" whenever he wins something. There's a dance to go with it.

Eliot wouldn't get in the pool during swimming lessons this week until the teacher had the kids playing a game where they took turns being "it". He finally had a reason to get in the water: A game. I'm pretty sure he sees most of his world as a video game. Should I be concerned?

He loves Cyberchase and Blue's Room. Two kids shows. And he's obsessed with the Tuttu Fruitti Gummy Bear song on youtube.

He enjoys holding me down and not letting go, hugging me so it practically hurts.

Eliot's drawing of Sponge Bob Squarepants and Patrick:

7-3-2008 6-09-00 AM_0224

My child is cute. Here he is in Mammoth Lakes, California:

6-28-2008 10-51-39 AM_0150

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