"If you're not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room."
~African proverb

Yesterday I completed a 30 day trial membership with a local yoga studio. It was life changing for me. In less then two weeks I was doing back bends which I haven't had the courage or flexibility to attempt since I was a kid. Also, as of yesterdays class I was able to go into full plow pose and another tricky one for me: hold myself with my hands, head up, and legs up, hovering my bootie above the mat- and stay there! I felt like a magician/wonder woman. And you know what I realized is kind of fun? Trying something and then literally falling right over. Ha! Then you get back in and try again!

I'm converted and hooked! So happy I realized what a strong training component yoga is to all the stress of marathon training.

Any yoga people here?

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