Eliot's story:

once there was a little baby monster going out for a walk with his brothers. then they go out for another walk to go to the toy store. then there was a butterfly going to the monster and the monster ate it all up. the monster likes to eat butterflies all up. the monster made a circle with his paws. (i'm coloring a circle in for the story). then he goes to the airport and then to the park on an airplane. he figured out that idea. then he went for a walk to the airport. he built a tiny little circle.  and then he saw a mysterious mouse eating strawberry cheese and then we went in the water to swim with the mermaid so they can be friends together and mix up the colors of their uniforms so they can play play-doh together. then they saw a cute tiny dinosaur and they went out to the ocean to swim with him. then they saw another mermaid with cherry cheese. and they went for another walk together, eating cherry cheese, making friends together and they saw a robot and caught it in a tube and played in the sand. they saw a spot of color on the rock. then they saw some paper to draw on, a remote control color crayon, and a sheep, they went across the ocean. across on a boat, an airplane and a taxi cab to go to the park. they made stickers with smiley faces on them to put in their sticker book. they found a piece of paper and they saw the robot in bed all night for 68 hours! then they ate some m&m's. they put stickers over their bed and saw another remote control crayon, letters, and the a car driving down a street. then 20 cars then 9 cars then there were so many cars and that's the end of my story.

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