Pictures from our tropical trip~

Eliot chasing a beautiful island girl!

Chasing Sky

Hawaiian Blizzard Shaved Ice, our favorite by far. The texture was completely unique!

The Best Shave Ice in Kauai


8-21-2008 12-36-31 PM_0146

Puka Dogs- a hot dog and veggie dog stand in Poipu Beach

8-21-2008 5-28-12 AM_0093

8-21-2008 5-26-51 AM_0092

8-20-2008 8-34-44 AM_0039

Banana Joe's, North Shore- they had vegan banana smoothies that were more like ice cream, locally made products, local produce and art!

8-20-2008 8-39-27 AM_0042

8-20-2008 8-30-04 AM_0034

Baby NeNe bird, less then a week old!

8-20-2008 7-55-33 AM_0025

Old cemetery

8-20-2008 7-22-21 AM_0010

8-20-2008 7-21-46 AM_0009

A cave!




The waterfall we jumped off of:

The Waterfall We Jumped Over

Like mommy:


Monk seal, we got a little too close!



Sign in Kapa'a:

Kapa'a Signage

Smooches Kauai!

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