I went to see Paul Nison speak tonight and here are three strong messages I got from the evening:

1. Anything you love you have discipline for

2. Formula for health: Power – Obstruction = Vitality

3. Enthusiasm is very important!

Nison is a raw foods chef, author, teacher (notably at the HIppocrates Institute in Florida), speaker and he cured himself of Crohn's disease through eating a raw foods diet. He's been a raw foodist for over 15 years. Nison says it's not for everyone but believes strongly that people should eat more greens, sleep and get exercise. He was very funny and had a strong New Yorker accent which I really like to listen to! Apparently he's a religious man and some are turned off by him. In my opinion his beliefs definitely came through but were not distracting from his very interesting back story and present ideas.

As for the above his points were often punctuated by humor. For instance number one, and I'm paraphrasing, anything you love you have discipline for- if you like to watch American Idol and you want to see who's getting eliminated this week- you make the time to do it. So make time to eat well and get sleep! And my number two- the obstructions he's referring to are foods that don't digest well, in this case being a raw vegan he's talking about eating animals and animal products. But even more important are the stressful obstructions in our lives and the toll they take on our health and well being.  Everything from watching the news to a tone in someones voice. Worry worry worry. Eating too late at night, needing stimulants in the morning to wake up and then throughout the day to keep you going and then you're so exhausted by the end of the day that you collapse but you can't sleep. As for number three, with any change in your life you've got to have enthusiasm! You must be excited and want it because then you will truly do it! 

Like Michael Pollen- more of the same overall message- eat less each day and make sure it's organic. Mentioning also the abundance of good food you can find in Oregon.

I think I'll check out his book reviews on Amazon and his website. He speaks all over so check him out if he's in your area!

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