When I was 20 I met a woman named Suzette. Suzette had her own massage therapy clinic and she was looking to rent out a room. We started working together, going to lunch together and I learned what a generous and successful woman she was.

Suzette had two adopted daughters with dramatic stories of teenage angst and young adulthood. She dated a man who's wife had passed away and please forgive me, but he always seemed a bit lost to me. Poor guy was seeing not only my friend but other women as well, he never seemed present in his own skin. And Suzette was a giver, she gave her time and energy to me and so many others. She let me stay in her office even when I could not afford the rent. She brought me into her life and I watched her bring in a box of vitamins every day to that massage clinic. Suzette took so many vitamins and juices and new things I'd never heard of. She taught me more about massage, muscle testing and energy work then I can say. She looked frail and sweet like a little yellow fairy. Her hair was very blond and she had a sparkling smile. She listened to me and I listened to her.

Suzette also introduced me to the East & West cafe http://www.eastandwestcafe.com/. The first time we went I was in awe of this tiny little restaurant in a tiny old house with a garden in the backyard, the owners sons out picking fresh food for the dishes. The place was packed, I didn't know what to order, so Suzette was helpful as always and held my  hand a bit through this, at the time for me, very exotic menu! We had tea and red rice with vegetables in spices that were all new to me, and the flavors were amazing! She also introduced me to Vin, the restaurant owner who I immediately liked for all her straight forward wit and charm.

I moved away to California about 2 years after meeting Suzette. And whenever I've come to visit family and friends over the years I've always thought of stopping by her office, having a visit and surprising her with a check- just a token to let her know that I now understood even more the kindness she had shown me. But I found out last night that in this life I won't have that chance. I saw Vin last night and she shocked me and about knocked me down in tears when she told me that Suzette had passed away. About a year ago, she had cancer in her liver. Vin was so great. She was comforting with her dynamic smile, standing in her refurbished and huge restaurant. She told me, "don't be sad" and "she's in a better place now. If you want, she's in heaven. Or maybe she come back, in another body, we may see her, we don't know!" I laughed and smiled and sat down for a moment. I said a little prayer for Suzette and told her I was so sorry I hadn't seen her again and wasn't able to repay her. Suzette's small voice came through strong- I felt her spirit fast and she assured me that it was okay and that I'd know where and who to give the money to in her honor.

It was a strange day yesterday. I had an amazing time playing with my husband and son and Lavender at the Puyallup Fair. And I kept saying all day to L, I really want to run into one person I know, just one. It'd be so fun to see someone I haven't seen in a long time. Little did I know… 

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