Give myself a compliment challenge, day 3.

Today I ran 18 miles for the very first time. I ran really well and consistently. I'm so proud of myself for this work I'm putting in to the marathon.

Things I learned today: Brendan Brazier's energy pudding, very good but very hard to eat while walking and even harder to prepare in a hotel room, I'm guessing. So I must find alternate fuel sources! Second thing, always put more water in the Camelback then I think I need. I ran out today with one hour and twenty minutes still to run. I had a dark cloud on me for few minutes until I shook it off by telling myself I learned my lesson, moving on and it does not matter!
My favorite meditation while running today was picturing myself as air, as a part of all the wind and matter all around me- boundless. This thought helped me mentally let go of any aches or discomfort or grumpy thoughts over the water situation.

What nice and very true things have you told yourself today?

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