Compliment challenge day #4: I have beautiful hair. It's red and I've never colored it. Last night however I dreamed I had black hair and it was long with big shiny spiraling curls. Fun!

Two blogs I read have done "favorite things" posts this week so I thought I'd join in. Rawdorable: and Kristin:

Kitchen appliances: BlendTec blender, used over 800 times since February!
Movies: Joe Versus the Volcano, Amelie, Xanadu
Music Groups: Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, the Beatles and lately Lots of Death Cab for Cutie and Jason Mraz
Magazines: Dwell and VegNews
Blogs:, ecorazzi, shiftyourspirits
Animals: elephants, giraffes, dolphins
Fruit: cherries, blueberries and bananas
Veggies: broccoli, kale, spinach, peas, collards
Nuts/Seeds: Manitoba hemp
Beverages: water! and coconut water!!!
Desserts: raw chocolate cake, raw truffles, cacao shakes
TV shows: Project Runway, Six Feet Under, Brothers and Sisters, Scrubs, Arrested Development
Books: Brendan Brazier the Thrive Diet, currently saving my life and making me feel like superwoman! Everything by Tom Robbins because he saves my heart. Dr. Furhman, Eat to Live, Skinny Bitch, Eat Pray Love
Spectator Sports: Every sport wows me these days! I'm impressed by movement, standing still, strength, determination, and endurance in all forms. So, how about watching Roz Savage row across the Pacific!
Colors: I'm in love with color. So let's say red, orange and pink. Oh, and purple, green and blue. And brown.
Restaurants: Cafe Gratitude, Herbivore, Juliano's Raw, Cafe Soulstice
Tech Toys: My MacBook and Ipod!
Travel Spots: Hawaii, I feel so beautiful in that tropical atmosphere.
Non-raw foods: A tofurkey sandwich on Ezekiel bread or quinoa pasta with sauce and veggies.
Kitchen Gadgets: peeler for making zucchini "pasta" strips
Make-Up: mascara and lipstick
Musical Instruments: I love the sounds of the piano and an acoustic guitar, but I don't play.

Your turn!



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