Day #7 compliment challenge.

I listen to my gut.

When that voice, feeling, thing comes I listen. Not all the time, but when I'm truly aware it works beautifully. Let's take this morning for a bad example. I went out for my eight mile training run. I planned a route and estimated a loose time. I ended up changing it a little and crossed the street where and when I normally don't, thinking no big deal even though my gut whispered, "you're getting a bit ahead of yourself here.". And then I screamed in pain as my neck was stung by a bee. ARRGH! I sprinted home to have my husband take a look at my already swollen neck. And I can't stand that a bee died. Such a shame. And it hurts!

Lavender has some interesting information about bees and the fall season, that they go a bit crazy because if they haven't returned home in time the hives have shut down and they are left abandoned and alone. Oh, and apparently quite mad and stingy.

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