My sweet little boy is four years old and he has slept with his blanket and his binky (pacifier) since he was a few days old. I recently read, and of course knew it has been time for some time now, that thumb sucking and in this case binky sucking must stop when your child is four for proper teeth and bite development.

We've had so many changes with moving and we travel a lot and he's had tummy issues since he was tiny that I knew the binky comfort was something I just didn't want to take from him. But since learning that it could harm him I had to come up with a really great super mommy plan. And Andy and I did, on the fly at the dinner table tonight.

First I told Eliot the facts, that I had learned his binky could hurt his teeth and then Andy jumped in with a delicious story about the binky fairy. At first the tears came quickly and Eliot was so sad, it was heart breaking. I asked him if he needed a hug and he said yes. So we hugged for awhile and then talked about the binky fairy. We told him all the good stuff- you have to place the binky under the pillow, with a ribbon around it, you must be asleep, maybe the fairy will give it to new baby who needs it, and the fairy will leave you some money to buy a new toy.

When it was time for bed all went smoothly until he was alone for about ten minutes. He called for me so I went straight to his room. There was all kinds of reasoning through sad sweet tears. "Can I have my binky back when I'm five?" and "Can we go to a brand new binky store tomorrow?" and "I just really want my binky" and "I take it out of my mouth mommy, then i look for it, then I take it out again. Like that. I don't always have it." Makes me want to weep as I type this. So, I asked if I should stay in bed with him for awhile and then he got silly saying things like, "Hey, if the fairy sees two of us here maybe we can get more money." He kills me.

He's sound asleep so it's time for the binky fairy to come and for me to get some sleep. I have a feeling he'll be getting up early tomorrow.

Wish us luck.


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