Oops! I missed days nine, ten and today is eleven on my compliment a day challenge.

#9 I am colorful. I have tried to dress simply but rarely do I leave the house without a bright color, bright bag, eye catching necklace, sparkling shoes, flowers in my hair and all. And sometimes all at once. And I have the audacity to believe I pull it off. Ha. I am colorful. I should do a week of outfit posts with pictures.

#10 I am in good physical condition. I am a fit and strong woman. Yesterday I ran nearly 21 miles. Yes, I do walk some of the time but I still managed to pull it off in four hours which I am so happy about. I also do yoga, lift weights and do a mixture of exercises that I lovingly refer to as 'boot camp style'.

#11 I am a good mom. This one is a hard one because it does seem a bit boastful and difficult to attain. It's an ongoing process, every minute of every day. Just this morning at 4:10am I had to get up, I was being called by Eliot for a snuggle. So I did and he fell immediately back into a deep sleep. I feel I can say I'm a good mom at this point because of Andy too. But of course MUCH of that credit goes to Eliot. He is who he is. Loving, smart, compassionate, and really funny. We are lucky. And the binky issue is going better then I hoped, he hasn't even mentioned it.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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