A follow up to the promised outfits posts.

There will be more! Admittedly I haven't taken photos of my clothes every single day but I have been cute! Yesterday I wore blueish tights from J Crew with a little black swing dress, black knee high boots and a very long orange cashmere scarf by Disney Couture with Snow White, the seven dwarfs and birds on it. A very expensive piece that I got for 80% off at a Blue Bee sale a few years ago. Today I wore a $6 silver glittery top from Target (I was excited to find it after seeing my sister-in-law in hers, she wore it so well that I wanted one too!), my Paper Denim and Cloth jeans (Great price from some online boutique sale last year), a sparkling necklace from Banana Republic, and my New Balance running shoes, cause my left knee hurts people and I'm running a marathon in a week and a half!! So here are a few fun pics! 

Last week I wore:

10-1-2008 7-25-07 AM_0004 by waxpancake

Red short sleeved button up from Anthropologie

Belt from a crafter

Vintage skirt that my sister-in-law decorated with a birdie- can't see it in this shot!

Knee highs from Sock Dreams

John Fluevog shoes that are worn but I love them!

Necklace by Betsey Johnson, a red heart that says "Be Mine"

9-30-2008 6-16-21 AM_0205 by waxpancake

More Fluevogs that I love. I can run in these!

9-30-2008 6-15-25 AM_0198 by waxpancake

And a bonus photo: A part of mine and Eliot's collection of My Paper Crane's sweetly designed doughnuts and yummy breakfast treats. We now have four more. A second strawberry, cinnamon roll, orange and sunny side up egg.

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