Eliot time!

*"Silly mushroom pants. Silly mushrooms pants." Eliot's chant at the breakfast table.

*"One plus one is two. Two plus two is four. Four plus four is eight. Eight plus eight is sixteen. I learned that from a song. I'm just learning stuff sometimes."

*I've been teaching Eliot bone names and today was the humerus. He cracked up an said, "My whole body is called The Humerus!"

*Yesterday when he wok up I went to his room to cuddle and he says, "I'm ready for my close-up." Then rolled around laughing.

*Whenever I ask, what to Eliot because I didn't hear him he gets very frustrated and says, "Oh! You heard me!"

*"I want to run a race and win a trophy this time." He loved running in the NIke race we did back in June.

*Last night when I kissed Eliot goodnight he wiped off my kisses so I said, "Oh good, you're rubbing my kisses in good idea." To which he said, "No, no, I'm wiping them off!" And sounded a little worried.

*Yesterday Eliot put on a show for us. He was a TV that had animal channels so every time I 'clicked' he became a new animal! He was so in to it and his entire body was animated. He was a monkey, turtle, fox, frog, kangaroo, fish, whale, robot spider, cow, pig, rooster and more.

xoxo sweet boy!

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