I'm getting up in nine hours to ready myself for the marathon. I mean, I've been getting ready for this since January of 2006. That's the month I joined Bay Area Boot Camp (now AlaVie) and changed my life.

When I started those 5:30am classes at the park I had to imagine my child, my 18 month old baby at the time, at the end of a short run around previously mentioned park in order to keep running. I was a terrible runner. And I got better. I've imagined myself with wings, I've imagined myself being a tall Ethiopian man, I've imagined myself as the wind.

I'm really excited for the big city run, 20,000 people deep through the streets of San Francisco. Thank you husband for your support. Thank you Eliot for being happy for me. Thank you dear friends and family for ears that listened to my ups and downs during training. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement, I need it and I love it. I love you all for running with me. 


PS~ My brother knows Brendan Brazier (The Thrive Diet) and he surprised me today by asking Brendan to personally call me and wish me luck for tomorrow. I still am so excited over this! I got the call while I was in the Embarcadero BART station and I started jumping up and down. And even got a little teary afterward. What a nice guy- Brendan and my brother.

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