We went to Mount Tabor Park on Sunday and I ran well over 650 stairs, ran some trails, used the kids playground to do resistance training and threw in burpees and push-ups. Before the park I used hand weights and bounced on the rebounder. So what's next?  

I thought that post marathon I'd dive into yoga and cycling but now I find myself craving the boot camp experience again (which is something I can do on my own when the weather is gorgeous like it was today!).  My friend, Roz Savage has a membership to 24 Hour Fitness which also sounds appealing. The variety of classes includes cycling and yoga as well as a pool and equipment I don't have. And if it's good enough for Roz (and Robert Cheeke of http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/ who works out at my local 24 Hour Gym) then it's good enough for me. I just downloaded a free 7 day pass and I'm hoping to start this week! Voxy friends I will let you know how it goes!

What do you all do for exercise?

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