Finally posted my marathon pictures so I have a few to share!

I carried a lot with me during my marathon but it was my first and I wasn't sure what I would need. So here's my pile:

10-19-2008 7-53-44 AM_0015 by waxpancake.
I had my back pack, coconut water, dates with salt, 2 Vega bars, coconut chap stick, my watch, my time chip, my time band, race number, clothes and sneakers. Also in the picture are the very important map and vaseline, which I did'nt carry with me! I didn't eat the bars but I ate all but two dates. I left my jacket behind too and it was cold! oops!

10-19-2008 4-49-45 AM_0011 by waxpancake.

The course map at the SF Nike store.

10-19-2008 4-22-37 AM_0006 by waxpancake.

The wall of names, all 20,000 of us!

10-19-2008 4-08-41 AM_0005 by waxpancake.
The tents at the Expo/Starting line.

One of my favorite moments was after we crossed the start line and there was a woman standing on a mailbox and she yelled loud enough for me to hear over my ipod, "Now Finish Like A Girl!!"

Love it.

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