What I've been wearing:

10-20-2008 10-00-48 AM_0076 by waxpancake

The night of my first marathon we ended up in a limo flying through San Francisco! I wore an organic cotton green t-shirt mini dress, hot pink tights and my favorite knee high Aerosole boots. I'm snuggling with my Stella McCarrtney bag. (Go get yours AmyLou!!)

10-22-2008 2-43-07 AM_0139 by waxpancake

One day after the marathon we spent the morning in Cambria, California where we were married over nine years ago! I'm wearing two t-shirts. Underneath is my Eat Like You Give A Damn shirt from Herbivore and on top is my Nike Finisher's tee! Skirt is from Target- little girls plaid mini with built-in shorts! Brilliant! Knee highs also from Target and navy Converse. And my favorite Fendi sunglasses. Eliot is almost as tall as me!!

10-14-2008 2-52-29 AM_0004 by waxpancake

Pre-marathon outfit to hang with Eliot in: Tarina Tarantino heart necklace, heart and sky thermal from Nordstrom, Old Navy Girls hoodie dress, Splendid leggings and the fav boots again!

What are you wearing?

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