I worked out five days last week at 24 Hour Fitness. I arrived around 6:15am and stayed for 75 to 120 minutes. I used loads of cardio equipment, mats, free weights, the sauna, medicine balls and bosu ball.

Things that annoy me at the gym:
*I want the staff to clean machines
*I want people to prop their dirty sneakers on things other then where my head or hands will be going on machines while they stretch
*I want people to not place their personal belongings, like a cell phone, on equipment to "save it" for themselves. I'm sorry, if you walk away it's fair game!
*I want people to stop taking the free weights with them to lie beside them while they do other things!
*I want the trainers to smile!
*Ooooo the smell sometimes. Let's all agree to wear some deodorant at the gym, okay?
*When a machine breaks and you're a staff member and you know a machine breaks please get a sign up asap that that machine is broken! I almost threw out my knee on a bad bike and when I showed a trainer, she's like oh yeah that one's broken. What? She put a sign up after our conversation.
*Please don't think I'm eying you cause I think your hot, I'm watching you for one of three reasons 1. What you're doing is scary because of your bad form. 2. I want your machine so I'm busying myself until you leave so I can pounce. 3. I'm interested in what you're doing- form, style, whatever and I plan to try it so I'm staring until I think I've got it.
*People, please take your dirty tissues out of the cup holders on the cardio machines. Gross.

Things I like at the gym:
*Getting out of the house to go play by myself and then go sit in that sauna for five minutes!
*Learning new things
*Classes I haven't taken yet

So even though the annoyance list is longer, the positive list trumps it because I love to exercise. Stay tuned for the membership negotiations. Please please let it go smoothly!!

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