This morning was my first appointment with my new trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. I'll call him B here since I didn't get his permission to write about him! B's really mixing it up on me after hearing my goals of being a lean machine. He wants me to take a Crossfit approach, essentially shortening my workouts and giving more energy in a shorter time. He wants me to warm up, use weights, then do cardio. I'll have a better understanding on Thursday morning when we meet for our first workout since today was all measure, pinch, weigh in and talk talk talk. B sent me on my way with a 45 minute workout for this morning: Arch Trainer for a 5 minute warm up, then mountain intervals for 10 minutes, then the rowing machine for 10 again with intervals, and lastly the bike with intervals and 15 minutes of stretching (which I totally did not do! I did like 5 or 6 minutes!).

My homework after our first meeting is to figure out how much protien I'm getting in a week so I have to track my food for a week. I've got my little Alice in Wonderland notebook open on my kitchen island and I've been writing in it all day. I'm also finding myself jumping over to the computer to find out just how much protein is in an avocado? He also wants me to stretch and do myofacial release on my muscles. Massage time!

And he told me, "Your diet is phenomenal!" Yes! 

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