Things I must say today:

*Someone, maybe me, should buy this book for me ASAP:

*I watched Oprah's show on beauty around the world today and I must say my favorite meditation to the world: "Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is perfect." And the things we do as women to ourselves makes me want to weep endlessly for the struggles to feel pretty and worthy.

*I am feeling sorry for my angry rant on my blog the other day. I want this to be a place of beauty and positivity.  But I won't be deleting it because it was a true emotional rant.

*I made Pumpkin Pasta tonight, yum!

*I've been eating a lot of raw lately and thinking about going higher on my raw scale again.

*My trainer freaked me out a bit and said he wants me to double my protein intake. Wow, I weigh like 100 pounds, currently eat almost 70 grams of protein a day which is already almost double the RDA. And we all know the RDA's are too high. Right? We all know that, right? Oh boy.

*I've let the clean clothes in my room pile up and I need to put them away. My closet is bursting with another pile of giveaways. Who wants them?

*My son was "charging me like a rhino" over and over this evening. I finally had to threaten no video games if he did it again. He's more then half my size! Ferocious and cute!

*My sister in law with five kids said she got her four year old to eat salads by having him pretend he's an apatosaurus who needs to eat leaves or a giraffe so he could stand, stretch his neck out high and then feed him. So cool.

*Beauty beauty beauty.

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