I just finished a 24 hour water fast. This is my third fast. My first I did with juice for 36 hours, the second was like the third. I was wanting to feel some cleansing benefits which I know will probably only occur if I choose to go longer. Although the reflection that takes place in just 24 hours of not eating is so interesting I find myself with a mental block thinking of going further. I'll probably go with my gut on this one- haha. And when I feel the drive to do it again I'll see what happens. Sometimes I picture myself like 20 years from now going on meditation, juice feasting, and or yoga retreats and dragging Andy along when his schedule (and desire) allows.

For now I'm thinking about hunger, growling tummies, elimination, releasing and food. I know after just doing a few fasts that true hunger is something I've never known. My belly and body always has had enough for these short fasts. Growling tummies turning over, kicking up the juices- it passes rather quickly with a glass of water. Elimination and the importance of clearing out the system, giving your body a rest. Releasing expectations, schedules, desires, the need to chew, and finding a peaceful freedom. And lastly food, wonderful life sustaining food how I appreciate and adore all that there is offered to eat especially here and now.

What makes me want to fast? A forced rest from the gym, sweat, protein requirements, nutrition goals, and so much more. I slept for eleven hours last night and that was fabulous. I only started to feel a bit grumpy as the 24 hours were coming to a close. I was getting anxious to eat. Even though I wasn't starving by any means, the simple ritual of eating in the evening came biting me big time. My initial goal was to go 3 days and to resume eating on Sunday night. But I caved and I don't feel bad about it. I just listened to my body say, maybe another time.   

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