Happy New Year!

Just in from SoCal and I did almost everything on my long list! Even ate at Rawvolution before and at the airport! I sat down tonight to unwind, avoid unpacking and watch yesterdays Oprah. The message of this episode really resonates with me because the last couple of runs I've done I've been focusing on the rhythm of mantras. Such as, "I love myself" and to me this means everything. 'I love myself' means that I'm worth the time, the energy, the focus, the determination, the sweat, the healthy food choices, the sleep, the love, and all the abundance the universe can offer. I run, I love myself.

I like Januarys. I like the bright light of winter sun filled with hope and anicipation. Followed by Valentine's day and my birthday in February filled with pink and red hearts bursting with love. In March I'm already hopeful for the green of springtime… My point is: please don't let whatever resolutions or promises you maked for yourself in January be the end of it. There is no end to it. Reinvent it every day. Begin new things, end them, try something else. Just do it because you love yourself and everthing will feel marvelous.

My January thoughts:
Eat more and more raw food
Think about a baby
Keep up with my rock solid strong body
Hula hoop
Do yoga
Get rid of lots of excess stuff
Feed Eliot better
Feed Andy better
Be grateful
Always jump
Be green
Be full
Be love


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