Back on November 3rd I blogged my holiday wish list for 2008. And today I realized how awesomely complete that list is cause most of that stuff is in my house right now! Crazy the power of the written word people! My list once again with notes this time:

Wish list 2008

**Buddha Buddha light from Urban Outfitters- Mother-in-law is shipping it soon! Yipee! Couldn't pack this traesure home!

I Love Love t shirt from Blend Apparel

A julienne peeler

book: My Stroke of Insight

cook book: Great Chefs Cook Vegan

**Adidas Stella McCartney Sport Women's Bathrobe size small on Amazon- Love it, got it! It's a boxers style super cozy!

book: The China Study

book: Way of the Peaceful Warrior

**cook book: I Am Grateful- Got this one and the new dessert one!

Excalibur Dehydrator

**Tarina Tarantino large bow anywhere clip- any color- Bought myself a red one!

I'd also like most of Chuck's wardrobe on Pushing Daisies!

Tarina Tarantino Wizard of Oz Tin Man Clockwork Heart Necklace

**The 'Into-the-Woods' Dress from Anthropologie (I really need to try this dress on and get it out of my system!)- Bought this for myself on sale!

**The Spare Vista Sweaterdress also form Anthropologie- Picked this up today because I had a couple returns!

Socks and tights from Sock Dreams

Anything from One Lucky Duck

Anything from Lululemon


Yoga sessions

**Pilates sessions- Mother-in-law gifted me some Los Angeles classes we got to do together. So cool!

**Vanilla perfume from Anthropogie- Bought more of this with my returns too!

**A Diane Von Furstenburg dress- Andy completely surprised me with a gorgeous wrap dress from DVF Wonder Woman collection. It is deliciously candy colored with shooting stars. Amazing surprise!! 

Lucky lucky me! Hope everyone is enjoying what I gave them too! xoxoxoxoxoxo Thank you all!

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