Saturday afternoons are my new boot camp days that I don't like to miss. So I woke up this morning knowing I wanted time to hoop with my pretty new hula hoop and then have a nice green smoothie. I'm getting back in the habit of making green smoothies because I love them and they're are packed with goodness. I do worry about the sugar intake through fruit sometimes… but I love the frozen berries! Second issue is that I've become terribly accustomed to the post workout protein powder smoothie slam! You have to drink those protein smoothies down in about ten minutes for ultimate absorption and to not get that brick feeling in your tummy. On the other hand when I've got a green smoothie I can really just take my time and savor it but I forget! And start slamming! Stop! Enjoy! It's half gone so I stopped to do my little blog entry…

Kale Smoothie

one cup water
5 kale leaves
cup of frozen strawberries
T cacao
one small banana
one small fuji apple
T Sun is Shining
few drops Ocean's Alive
pinch of cinnamon
1 tiny drop chocolate stevia
goji berries garnish

You see why I should take my time? sheesh!

Today is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! Cheers!

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