Today is my birthday and I went shopping, playing and eating!

2009's festivities began…
A week and a half ago I celebrated with my inlaws at The Bye and Bye, cake and icecream and playing wii at our house.
Yesterday Ashley took Emily and me to celebrate our birthdays (Emily's is Friday) at Gravy on Mississippi. Those two are too beautiful. They rock.
Today started with yoga and meditation.
Opened a few gifts from Andy and Eliot. Red converse- I love red shoes. And a couple books I wanted.
Opened presents from Todd and Gina- and promptly made a recipe from my new Raw Food Real World book!
Free People- bought a beautiful lacy sweater.
Toy store- for Eliot to hang out and play.
Urban Outfitters- 3 scarves for $4.99 each! And a heart shaped bamboo cutting board. Heart shaped!!
Athropologie- Wish perfume and a white flower for my hair.
Lululemon- bought a tank top.
Blossoming Lotus- takeout.
24 Hour Fitness boot camp. The trainers sang to me!
Went home to hoop and shower.
Olio United- A $10 butterfly dress! Andy had a beer and E played with toys while I shopped.
Blossoming Lotus- dinner.
Sweatpea Bakery- cupcakes for me and E and a drink for Andy!
Food Fight- a big fat avocado!
Nordstrom- Hello Kitty for MAC makeup.

All of the birthday messages on Facebook and Lavendar's amazing post about me, I'm without words. So grateful. Big love to all xoxoxo. Thank you. Love you.

And tomorrow I pick up my Yummy Tummy food!

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