My journey over the last year with raw vegan supplements I think is in need of some reflection. I call myself vegan even though I eat honey, some would strongly disagree. Currently in my kitchen I take (but not necessarily every day) bunches of superfoods and supplements. Here's what I have and how I use it:

*goji berries- great in smoothies, on top of smoothies, as a snack and in raw cookies
*bee pollen – in and on smoothies.
*MSM – in smoothies.
*Sun is Shining – smoothies.
*cacao powder, nibs and butter – desserts, smoothies, shakes.
*coconut oil – desserts, smoothies, shakes.
*E 3 Live – A few big gulps in the morning. Some put E3 in smoothies, I prefer just to get that algae taste in and over with!
*Ocean's Alive Phytoplankton- a few drops hiding in a smoothie!
*maca – just started using Navitas Naturals Maca and I really lve the taste. I think it's a tad darker and richer then my previous Maca Extreme from Sunfoods.
*flax powder and seeds – smoothies, cookies, I've even made raw pancakes with these!
*acai powder, juice and frozen smoothie packets – fabulous in smoothies. The taste and texture take over and that's just fine.
*hemp seeds – making milk, on top of salads, and I'm looking forward to making Kristin's Cheesy Hemp Nacho Sauce!
*chia seeds- puddings, smoothies, or my fav last summer I scattered chia on top of banana slices, figs, and goji berries with raw honey and cacao nibs. Watch out.
*tocos – makes smoothies creamy and gorgeous!
*Vega antioxidant oil blend – salads and smoothies.
*raw honey – practically everything!

So many are for protein boosts, healthy skin and energy. My favorite can't live without items are probably gojis, bee pollen, E 3 Live, honey and cacao. And hemp seeds make the easiest seed milk ever! Just pop them in the blender with filtered water and vanilla and you have a few servings of milk for smoothies, shakes and cereal.

I didn't think I would buy Sun is Shining again but before I could sort out where to buy Vitamineral Green I found SIS and picked it up. Packed with spirulina, nettles, chlorella and more. Check the link if you're interested. One jar lasted me 12 months! But perhaps I should up my serving size? The site says the jar has enough for 30 days! oops!

I love all this food but sometimes struggle with eating simply or eating high packed nutritional (and expensive) punches! Hope this is helpful and interesting! 

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