Today was my friend's last day in pdx so here's what we did:  went to Stumptown, Mt Tabor park, drove by the vegan mini mall, Jamison Square, Piazza Italia for lunch (Toni, you will LOVE this place!), Voodoo doughnuts, airport, and then I took Eliot to get smoothies at Laughing Planet and then Spanish class. whoa. All on a beautifl super sunny day.  And here's what I ate:
*green smoothie- collards, celery, meyer lemon, fuji apple and mango. And a few bites of my husband's homemade bread with lavendar pear fig jam.
*restaurant- minestrone soup and bread.
*Voodoo doughnut- shared with Eliot
*mango smoothie and kale chips
*bread, raw tomato sauce, veggie turkey and lots of pea sprouts!

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