I think I'll start adding my workouts here too. It's been fun for me, hope you're all not bored!

*oatmeal, cherries, banana and two small squares of dark chocolate all in one delicious bowl.
***30 minutes on my bike trainer, 100 push ups, 250 crunches (about 6 variations)
*green smoothie- msm, celery, kale, bananas, cacao, dates, and water.
*restaurant- green salad, pears, and hazelnuts (and some bread and oil. sugar and bread=my weakness).
*oh my the best salad ever: vega oil blend, dulse, celery, alfalfa and broccoli sprouts, pea shoots (sprouts), kale chip scraps-ha, it's the bottom of the bag of the Quite Cheesy kind. Delish! And to drink a Synergy organic and raw strawberry serenity kombucha!

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