Just lost my post from doing an upgrade… so now I must remember…
*green smoothie- spinach, cacao powder, cacao nibs, lucuma, msm, bananas, a date, vanilla agave and water. So perfect.
***30 minutes- jump rope, rebounder, 100 push ups, 200 crunch variations
*salad-mache ( lambsquarters), sprouts, nutritional yeast, lemon, black pepper and broccoli. Piece of ezekeil toast with raspberry jam for dessert.
*raw sea vegetable sauerkraut from Yummy Tummy
*Really hungry.. hmmm what to eat? choco oatmeal! With gojis and cherries.
*Late dinner at a crepe restaurant called Le Happy. Super charming and I got a big salad. Should have had them hold the garlic cause they were Generous with it! Came home for a vegan chocolate chip cookie from the Sun Flour Baking Company. And now I'm hoping this garlic digests kindly. xoxo


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