*Rest of my smoothie from last night- vanilla spinach blueberry banana
*Fugi apple and bowl of raw vegan Chocolate Crispies cereal with blueberries.
*Fugi apple again!
*Snacky day, some of Eliot's vegan cheese crackers and a piece of dark chocolate. Saving up the calories for a girl's night with Anna!
*Lucca Italian restaurant: glass of red wine, lovely salad of blood oranges, radishes arugula and more, with a vegan pizza with tomato and basil. Dessert at home was vegan chocolate chip mint ice cream and half a vegan Sun Flour Baking Company cookie. 

Here are my feet in the pink petal snow!

5-2-2009 4-35-17 AM_0256 by waxpancake.

Our tree:

5-2-2009 4-35-26 AM_0257 by waxpancake.

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