In the last two years I've done three 24 hour fasts. The first one I did with juice and the two after that were water only. I'm thinking a once a week water fast could be very beneficial for my digestion and my spirit. When I only drink water it puts me in this quiet introspective place that I think feeds the soul. Having a break from thinking about food is very liberating. I sat in the sun (my stomach growled a little) and I took some deep breaths and soaked in the vitamin D. So today I'm drinking water and will post below what I break my fast with.

Well, a few hours later and Eliot seems to have the flu. I won't get detailed but say I felt I needed to ground myself and eat. I ended my fast two hours early with three juicy mandarins and one hour later a salad with mixed greens, arugula, basil, raw pistachio pesto, baby carrots and asparagus. Crossing my fingers my baby will be okay and rest and feel better soon.


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