Hello May 4!

*Fruit salad: four mandarins, a banana, two kiwis and Chocolate Crispies cereal sprinkled on top.

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***one hour workout on the treadmill including 40 minutes of 15 degree incline, intervals with squats, lunges, push ups and ab work on the exercise ball. Oh She Glows inspired my workout today so thank you to her!!
*Strawberry banana and hemp ice cream with the last sprinkling of Chocolate Crispies. Boo-hoo! So sad I'm out.
*salad- balsamic vinegar, mixed greens, baby carrots, asparagus and a vegan Field Roast sausage. Here's a link: http://www.fieldroast.com/ I was very hungry after that workout, probably from the fast yesterday. Trying to be careful not to overeat today. Dessert was the remainder of Eliot's sprouted wheat bagel- about a 1/4 with Tofutti cream cheese and Crofter's strawberry jam.

Here's a link I found today and an excerpt from the article I found interesting to note:

Here's a list of foods that will help you get that flat stomach.

Apples, to increase your fiber content
Nonfat, plain yogurt to increase your friendly bacteria
Grapefruits, because they are high in B vitamins, which aid in any weight-loss program
Sauerkraut, which aids in your bowel transition time
Broccoli, which provides many nutrients for your hormones to produce enzymes 

*Dinner! Not too hungry so I ate a braeburn apple with a pile of my favorite kale chips, Quite Cheesy! And some mango Synergy kombucha. 

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