May 6 means Mercury is in retrograde again tomorrow. Be aware and patient is the advice I'm taking. 

*Green smoothie- * 16 oz kale, spirulina, bananas, orange, vanilla stevia, msm, yacon syrup and water. With all the sweet stuff in it Andy still said it tasted spicy!

4-30-2009 12-42-49 PM_0236 by waxpancake

Eliot tried Andy's (vegan) peanut butter and strawberry jelly waffle sandwich this morning! HUGE! Five bites! I made a Food Game chart for E this morning and he can win points towards the prizes of his choice. He was very excited and dove right in. Keeping my fingers crossed we can continue on and on and on. Yummy food!

*The rest of my green smoothie about 16 oz. and piece of dark chocolate.

*Restaurant lunch with Andy and Eliot- sushi, edamame, and seaweed salad.

*Sweetpea Bakery- vegan marionberry danish

While driving to Sip Eliot says loudly to me in the car, "You are fun Mommy!" So awesome.

*Green juice from Sip

***burpees, treadmill speed and incline intervals, jump rope intervals.

*Half a Vega bar.

*Bowl of quinoa, nutritional yeast, black pepper, fresh squeezed lemon, mixed greens and a little balsamic vinegar on top. Dessert: two blueberry raw vegan cookies from One Lucky Duck.

And just because I'd like to share here's my favorite dark chocolate bar:

4-30-2009 12-44-59 PM_0244 by waxpancake

Quote of the day via my friend, Roz Savage: The most likely way to reach a goal is to be aiming not at that goal itself but at some more ambitious goal beyond it. – Arnold Toynbee



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