*Green smoothie-  almost 32 oz of an entire bunch of farmer's market arugula, frozen cherries, 2 bananas, one date, cacao, carob, msm, maca and water.
*Yummy Tummy's kale and sea veggie salad with half of a Lydia's Organics Tropical Mango Bar. The bar was great but my jaw hurts from biting into it. Crunchy stuff!
*Green juice from Sip. Eliot and I went out in the rain to People's, his favorite grocery store because they have little carts that are child size. While we were shopping a little girl came up to tell me how little I am. I asked her how old she was and she replied, 4 1/2. I'm little to a four year old people.
*Dinner- Beautiful plate with one sliced gala apple, sunflower sprouts, pesto kale chips, a little pistachio pesto from Living Tree Community Food, splash of balsamic vinegar and dulse. Yummy!
*Dessert- raw vegan chocolate ice cream, one banana and the rest of my Lydia's Mango Bar crushed on top.

I realized I haven't had a break from exercise for awhile so I am really trying to not workout today. I love to exercise to the point that resting is a difficult task. Ahhhh good habits that I don't want to break. Cheers!


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