*Watermelon in the BlendTec! I put 1/4 of a Huge melon into my blender then I drank it! Rind and all! Yum! Ate up the rest- Andy stole a bit too, he loves watermelon!
*Green smoothie- 16 oz -romaine, cacao, carob, cherries, bananas, msm, maca, tocos and lucuma with water.
***Alberta walk for the street fair, ran to the gym, boot camp and ran home. Jumped on the rebounder.
*16 oz more of this mornings green smoothie.
*Three romaine leaves stuffed with slices of zucchini, avocado , cherry tomatoes and celery sprinkled with leftover Quite Cheesy Kale Chip crumbs. One piece of Coracao chocolate for dessert.
*Dinner at sis-in-law's was cooked vegan. First time I've had cooked food in 6 days! I had a Field Roast veggie sausage on a bun with a little grilled pineapple and a few potato slices. Dessert was raw vegan ice cream, banana, and vanilla agave. Can't get enough of that dessert combo.

I love this vanilla agave. The liquid stevia I use for smoothies when I need some extra sweeties! 

4-30-2009 12-38-27 PM_0229 by waxpancake.

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