***Meditation and yoga.
*Big glass of watermelon juice, about 16 ounces rind and all.
*Green smoothie- 14 ounces rainbow chard, goji berries, blueberries, water, tocos, msm, lucuma, cacao, nibs, carob and bananas.
*Had 14 ounces more of the green smoothie after the farmer's market.
***Work Out with Eben at 24 Hour Fitness. And 5 minutes on the stair machine to cool down. He kicks me hard, when I'm sore right after a workout I know tomorrow will be far worse.
*Half of a Pure bar and some ginger peach iced tea with Julie. Good company in the warm sun. ahhh
*The Bye and Bye for dinner with Julie and fam! I was too hungry and I jumped right into edamame, a few chips and salsa, brussel sprouts, broccoli and their awesome spaghetti and veg meatballs. Dessert was a few bites of tiny vegan cakes of banana chocolate, pumpkin and chocolate hazelnut.

So today is day seven of Kris Carr's Adventure Cleanse Tune-up or ACT. I was faithful to level four- until last night:
Adventure Level one – 50/50 – raw to cooked ratio
Adventure Level two – 70/30 – raw to cooked ratio
Adventure Level three – raw till dinner, then 80/20
Adventure Level four – 100% raw with one mini juice fast (up to 3 days)

 And oops I did it again tonight!  I wanted to wait a week and see how it went before posting about my choice to jump in to the challege. Well, I'm back on at this moment and plan on keeping on 100%- or very close to it for just short of the 28 days. We leave on day 25 for California and I may have cooked food. I still am unsure of when I'll be doing the juice fast. I skipped today's first 24 hour fast so I may do that tomorrow. I'll sip on green smoothies all day made with minimal fruit and no cacao. Wish me luck! In the last few months my hard work has paid off and I've lost 2% of my body fat and a couple of pounds which is the direction I want to go for my healthy athletic body! If you've never checked out http://crazysexylife.com/ I highly recommend it. Tonight I'll be drinking lots of water and taking a walk on my treadmill on a nice high incline! What did you do for your body today? xoxo Love it up!

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